1976 SS250 from Santa Ana, CA

mechanical restoration ~ original paint  

1974 X-90 full restoration

from New Jersey

Have a look at what we've done for our customers

The slide shows will provide some insight on the before & after

1972 Baja 100cc full restoration (from NY)

1975 SS250 ~ full restoration   

1971 Rapido 125cc from Maryland

mechanical restoration ~ original paint

1969 M65 mechanical restoration  (from Ohio)

1966 M50 full restoration (family heirloom from PA)

Various engines sent to us for rebuilds 

1971 Rapido 125cc from Louisiana

original paint ~ original owner

mechanical & cosmetic restoration

"Italian Americans restoring Italian Americans" 

the following slide show will host many of the other jobs we have done over the years they include

repairs, rebuilds & restorations   

1965 M50 from NH   

full restoration ~ family heirloom  

1978 SX250 from Idaho   

mechanical restoration ~ original paint  

1972 Shortster MC65 from New Jersey

mechanical restoration

original paint ~ original owner 

the Louisiana & Illinois Rapido's were worked on at the same time

they are 14 serial numbers apart

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1965 M50 with trail kit & 1968 Rapido 125cc   

mechanical restorations ~ original paint bikes

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1965 Sprint 250 'C' ~ full restoration